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Due to the pandemy, the 25th CESMA AGA was held by a video conference mean. During this AGA, Romanian Shipmasters’ Association was accepted to join the CESMA Members.

Also as it could been seen on the Board page, Capt. Mariano BADELL SERRA, from ACCMM – Spain, was elected as vicepresident, relieving so Capt. Giorgio RIBARIC, from ZPU – Slovenia.

The 26th CESMA Annual General Assembly is now (and still) scheduled to be organized in the city of RIJEKA, CROATIA, at the invitation of the Croatian Shipmasters Association (UKPTM or ZHUPK: Udruga Kapetana I Poručnika Trgovačke Mornarice).

Due to the development of the vaccination against the Covid-19, and time necessary to vaccine the greatest number of people in Europe, and of course depending of the travel measures being in force at that date, the AGA is actually scheduled for the 17th of September 2021.


The Covid-19 pandemy is not ended. After the first wave last spring, the second in autumn, the third is still in progress. Up to the fourth one ?

Hopefully vaccination is also going on. But it does not solve totally the problem of the relief for the crew of merchant vessels.

Time passing, it is not excluded that the borders could be closed for people not vaccinated. But what about the seafarers ?

Two problems could arise : the impossibility for seafarers to not be allowed to transit and/or to be on a flight to join the vessel, and the necessary time to be vaccinated.

Till we will need two shoots for a complete vaccination, the second one after several weeks (we are now speaking of more than 10 weeks), how can States ensure that seafarers will have received the both shoots before to join back the vessel at the end of their holidays.

This is why CESMA has sent a letter to the European Commissioneer of Transport of the subject. Letter and its answer can be found in the « Records/Covid-19 » page.


Even if the problem of piracy is almost clear in the Horn of Africa area, it is really not the same in the Gulf of Guinea area. Where the attacks are increased considerably.

Our collegues from VDKS (The Netherlands), being actually in consultation with their home Administration, would like to know the position of other European Union States Administration, and consequently, CESMA has writen a letter to the European Commissioneer of Transport in view to standardize the level of reponse between European Union States. Letter can be found in the « Records/Piracy » page.


The World Maritime University (WMU) has been commissioned by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) to carry out an independent research project on the Future of Work in the maritime sector.

The aim of the project is to investigate on how the Future of Work in the Maritime industry may look like in 2040, for preparing a transition that ensures that no one is left behind.

Seafarers, as one of the most important actors in the maritime sector, are asked to kindly complete this questionnaire. The questionnaire is confidential and anonymous.

If you have any questions on any aspect of the survey or the project, please contact: futureofwork@wmu.se. You will need about 25 minutes to complete the questionnaire, which can be found at this link: https://www.research.net/r/WMULFSS

>> Facilitating Crew Changes to keep World Trade moving throughout the Covid-19 Crisis (pdf)

>> MN MARINA rescuing persons in distress at sea (pdf)

>> Facilitating vaccination process for seafarers (pdf)

>> Seafares vaccination / Letter EU (pdf)

>> Protection against piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea – Shipmaster’s position (pdf)

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